Visualizing your ideas

Film project

From idea to finished film

If you want to showcase your product or brand in a new way, then we can help you all the way from creating ideas, making a storyboard, shooting the footage, recording sound, editing the film, making sound design, visual effects and motion graphics, making color correction and color grading and finally redering the finished film in high resolution and quality.

You can also choose to do what you are best at, have interest in or have time for and let us take care of the rest. We provide help with all the different areas within filmmaking. But as you surely have guessed our core competencies are timelapse shooting and visual effects related to timelapse.

If you live in Denmark then take a look at our construction timelapse projects on We shot long term timelapse projects on construction sites all over Denmark. The timelapses are shot with special camera equipment over several weeks, months or years. We do all the work from idea to finished film.

Our Services

  • Timelapse Shooting – Professional cameras for timelapses shooting. Used together with different sliders and head for panning and tilting. See examples of our work here.
  • Aerial Filming – Professional drone which shoot 20 megapixel photos for timelapse and 4K video with up to 60 fps.
  • Video Filming – Professional cameras for video. Used together with a gimbal stabilizer to ensure smooth footage.
  • Stock Footage – Huge library with more than 1500 timelapses and many hours of arial footage.
  • Filmediting – Powerful computers for effective editing and fast rendering.
  • Sound Design – Detailed soundscapes recorded on location or mixed from a huge sound library. Using professional audio editing software.
  • Music – We have music in our sound library which can be used for your project. Further we are cooperating with some very skilled musicians. They can either deliver great music from their archives or compose original music for your film project. It will depend of your wishes and budget.
  • Visual Effects – New techniques that can help you create something special. See more here.
  • Motion Graphics – Animation of logo, text or other graphics. Sound effects included.
  • Color Correction and Color Grading – Creating the visual look that match the story you want to tell the audience.

Shooting in remote areas

We are used to traveling and shooting footage in remote areas, staying long periods of time in nature and hiking to mountain peaks. We have a special designed campervan for driving through rugged terrain and staying for long periods of time in the most remote areas of Europe without water and electricity. The campervan has a well-equipped workplace where we can work with your film project while waiting for the right shooting conditions. This means that the film project can be completed faster and that we can stay much longer on location to get the best footage for you.

The traveling and shooting in remote areas with undisturbed nature is truly valuable. The natural silence in these areas have made a huge impact. This led to the creation of the silence project. This project was born out of love for the undisturbed places in nature. The goal of the project is to share the wonders of nature with as many people as possible and thereby ensuring it’s protection and enjoyment for generations to come. You can see the silence films, hear natural sounds and read more about the Silence Project on:

Have we woken your interest in a film project? Do you have questions? Do you want an offer? 

We make film projects from idea to finished film and help you to visualize your ideas