Creating high quality timelapse footage for your projects

Timelapse Footage

Timelapse experts – delivering the best

The timelapse technique makes it possible in a few seconds to follow the evolution of an event or object over time, which is invisible to the eye.

At Terralapse, we are timelapse experts and passionate about shooting the best footage. Therefore we are using a large variety of timelapse techniques. Our timelapse photos shot with professional cameras from tripod, from motorized slider with pan and tilt head, from gimbal stabilizer and from drone.

Through many years of extensive timelapse shooting we have created a huge library of stock footage. We have shot and edited more than 1500 timelapses from around the world. Thus making it fast and easily for you to licence beautiful footage. Additionally, we can shoot all kind of footage for your next film project. Regardless of whether you need footage of cityscapes, landscapes, weather phenomena, night sky, day to night, long term, construction or an event.

If you want something special for your next film project then take a look at our visual effects. Normally we use these effects for timelapses but they can be added to most kind of footage.

Need help to edit your timelapses?

Shooting a simple timelapse is not a difficult task for an experienced photographer. But the editing can certainly be challenging. The workflow is very different from editing photos or videos. That is why we offer to clean, stabilize and render your timelapse photos after you have shot them. To ensure the best result of your timelapses we can give you a short introduction to timelapse shooting and some general recommendations.

Your timelapse photos will receive our advanced post production techniques to ensure smooth and clean footage. Further, some of our visual effects can be added afterwards to create something special for your next film project.

Please contact us if this could be interesting for you.

Advanced post production

Footage with high quality is essential in a professional film project. We are timelapse experts and focus on delivering the best quality timelapse footage for your project. Firstly, we shot the footage in high resolution and image quality. Secondly, we use advanced post production techniques to ensure smooth and clean footage. Here are some of the included footage treatments:

    • Motion Blur – Applying natural-looking motion blur to smoothing out waves, streams and other fast moving objects.
    • Light Stabilisation – Smoothing out colors. Removing annoying flicker and artifacts due to fluctuations in light intensity. Light fluctuations is usually caused by variations in camera or shadows from clouds.
    • Cleaning Up – Removal of noise, dust, disturbing artifacts and objects (e.g. birds, people, cars).
    • Motion Stabilisation – If needed the footage is stabilized in post production to ensure a completely smooth look.
    • Render – Powerfull mashines to render your timelapse. All formats.

Quality and resolution

All photos for our timelapses are shot in RAW. After an extensive post production the timelapse footage is delivered in the following formats:

    • Timelapses are delivered in 6K (6000×4000), ProRes444.
    • Aerial timelapses are delivered in (5472×3648), ProRes444.
    • Cinematic video is delivered in 4K UHD (3840 x 2160), H.264, 25fps.
    • Aerial footage is delivered in 4K (4096×2160), H.264, up to 60 fps.


Timelapse footage examples

Night sky
Long Term

Shooting methods


Long Term Timelapse

The most fascinating timelapse technique is Long Term Timelapse. But this technique is also the most difficult to master. At Terralapse, we enjoy the challenge of shooting timelapses over several days, months an even years. Our main focus is timelapses of construction, growing plants and the changing seasons.

Construction Timelapse

A professionally produced construction timelapse is an ideal marketing tool for companies in the construction industry. The timelapse can generate interest and it is at the same time a unique documentation for a project. One of Terralapse’s keyareas is construction timelapse. We shot primarily in Denmark. But if you want us to shot an important project for you then fell free to contact us. You can also read more on our danish website:

Growing Plants Timelapse

In recent years Terralapse have shot lot of long term timelapses with growing plants and fungi. In our opinion the most amazing timelapses is showing beautiful flowers blooming in nature and mushrooms braking through the forest floor. If you have some special wishing or ideas for timelapses then fell free to contact us. We are timelapse experts and will be happy to help you.