Professional Timelapse Films


Some films are amazing because they show us the world in a way we all recognize. Others are amazing because they capture the world like we’ve never seen it. Our work focuses on the second category. To bring things we normally see as static into life and to show our world from new perspectives.


We use timelapse to lift the constraints of time and space and thereby create a profoundly transformative experience for the viewer. To fully capture the authentic atmosphere we combine the visuals with detailed soundscapes.


Casper Rolsted – timelapse expert

Professional Timelapse Films

by Terralapse

“Too often when we discover a video of fanatic landscapes it also includes some loud, overwrought music that sometimes feels out of place. That isn’t the case with this beautiful clip, which takes us to the Italian Dolomites for a stunning look at this amazing part of the world. But rather than shoehorning in an inappropriate soundtrack, this video uses the natural sounds of nature found in the mountains. The result is something more tranquil and pleasing. For the full effect, throw on a pair of headphones. You won’t be disappointed.”

The Adventure Blog

about "The silence of the Dolomites"

“Do you ever stare at a landscape and think, “I could watch this all day.” We certainly have, but sadly, on most occasions, there just isn’t enough time to stand around and watch the clouds float by. There are places to be, things to do, and schedules to keep, which is why this week’s video is so amazing. It captures some of Norway’s most beautiful scenes and condenses them into a simple six-minute clip.

There are no four-wheel drives, no motorcycles, no bicycles, not even hikers to distract you—just pure nature passing you by. We encourage you to take these six minutes as a small reset at the end of your week. Take a moment to shut down your cell phone, block out your surroundings, and focus on the beauty of our world. It will take less time than going to grab that next cup of coffee, and hopefully will do a better job of rejuvenating you.

Expedition Portal (Chris Cordes)

about “Undisturbed Norway”

“Our days are often so perfectly planned, with every hour pinned to some responsibility or activity, that it’s sometime difficult to even think about saving a few shards of time here or there for spontaneity. But not right now. Whatever you had previously budgeted for the next seven minutes of your life can wait. The “Silence of the Dolomites” awaits, and it’s worth every second of the next 420.”

Mother Nature Network

about "The silence of the Dolomites"